My Top 3 Internet Recruiting Strategies

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Internet Recruiting Works!

Definitely, Internet recruiting is one of the most effective network marketing strategies ever!

I’m not just talking about Prospecting via Social Media, but Marketing Strategies as well, such as Branding Strategies, Advertising, Facebook Fan Pages, Videos, Email marketing, etc.

In particular, I’ve found out that all top-earners in this industry apply a specific type of Internet Marketing, called “Attraction Marketing” which is focused on building a loyal Following online and creating a trusted Brand, where people will literally buy anything you recommend, because they know, like and trust you.

By the way, over my years as a Network Marketer, I was never suggested by my upline to build successful network marketing business using the Internet, it seems like most leaders maintained the belief that it can’t be done easily and efficiently, referreing at it as a “plus”, an appendix to the “good, traditional, old style method”.

So why Internet Top Earners, who had built their organizations partially or entirely online, were recognized for their success and demonstrated that network marketing can be done using the internet?

So, I actually didn’t mind about what my upline said and started to study and put into practice those Attraction Marketing strategies

I’m gonna share with you my top 3 Internet Strategies that are actually used to build Network Marketing Businesses today!

Strategy 1  >  Social Media Prospecting

This strategy is an approach which will seem pretty familiar, because it’s prospecting as we’ve always done it, but with an online perspective.

Now prospecting on social media is NOT “Internet marketing,” however it’s still recognized as very incisive!

This is the process I’m teaching to my team, after their warm market list runs out:


Use Facebook Search to find ‘friends of friends’ who live locally (at least to start with).

There are a few reasons for doing it this way…

First of all, Facebook allows you to directly message ‘friends of friends’ so that your message goes into their main inbox, instead of the “other” inbox, which most people don’t even know exists. (I didn’t know either, prior to this).

Secondly, you start with local, because it will allow you to eventually meet face to face with them to form a more powerful personal connection.


Next, you take a minute to look at their profile and identify key interests that relate with you personally, your business or your products. You are also looking for more subtle things, like are they smiling in their pictures? Are they outgoing? Do they seem to be a positive person?

Bear in mind, you are prospecting, but you are also qualifying them.

For example, an  interest in CrossFit or Yoga indicates an interest in health and wellness and that might match with your company’s products.


Then you write your first message to them, which follows a kind of standard prospecting approach.

You can come up with a little script, but each message should be tailored to them specifically. This message will mention friends you have in common. You mention that you’re a recruiter for a “health & wellness company” or whatever the niche is, you’re “expanding in the area” and you ask if they are “open to earning extra money?”

I mean, it’s like throwing the ball in the air and see if they swing back at it…

But, please, DON’T copy/paste messages with links to sign up for your opportunity! That is totally not effective and it’s considered SPAM by Facebook.

In this initial message, you aren’t giving them any info or links. You are simply trying to get them to express an interest.


If they answer, book a face to face meeting, on Messenger, Skype or on the phone. You just let them know that details are better explained in person and, “if we were to work together, it’s a good opportunity to see if we would like each other! ;-)”

At this point, if they meet with you, hopefully your company or upline have defined a solid process for you to follow here.

If they don’t answer back, there are some different approaches here. Some play it safe and leave the 70% that didn’t answer back, alone.

Otherwise you can follow up with a 2nd message a week later, if they don’t answer back. It’s a short message simply to see if they a) received the 1st message and b) to see if they are interested. Sometimes they don’t get the first message or see the message when they are in the middle of something and forget to answer back.

NOTE: Sending a 3rd follow-up message is not recommended! At this point, you assume a “NO” and move on.

On top of this, there are some really powerful and high leveraged online prospecting & network marketing strategies utilized by a friend of mine, Julie, which you can learn more about here.

Strategy 2  >  The ‘Mouse Trap’ Method

This process is pretty simple and depends on your personality. It involves posting your results on social media(i.e. setting the ‘mouse trap’) and waiting for people to express an interest via the comments or private message.

Additionally, to boost results, you can add a CALL TO ACTION to message you, if they want more info.

This would involve posting pictures and announcements about:

– your story

– income results

– the impact it’s made on your lifestyle.

Alternatively, If you haven’t had any real life-changing result in terms of income of you haven’t “fired your boss” jet, you can post something that has to do with a personal or customer case study with the product. This angle will help you generate more customers and a few of those customers may express an interest in the business, after they fall in love with the product.

That works really well with weight loss challenges, for example, or you can post pictures of yourself running a marathon, triathlon, or whatever, which would not have been possible without certain supplements.

Essentially, show everyone connected to you on social media a desirable change in your life, achieved in part or as a direct result of your product.

Once they express an interest, you follow whatever process you’ve been taught for closing people.

Strategy 3  >  ‘Attraction Marketing’

If “closing” people is not your thing, then there’s my favorite Internet strategy:

“Attraction Marketing”, which you can learn in detail with my friend Ferny Ceballos FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp available here and published an e-book on called Attraction Marketing Formula.

What is that about?

You simply don’t message strangers online templated messages like in Strategy 1.

You don’t fill your friend’s News Feeds with promotions for an opportunity or product as in Strategy 2.

You simply create a truly passive way of making sure that when you woke up each morning, you have an inbox full of notifications by hundreds of new prospects, interested in learning more about your opportunity or product or mentorship.

Or an inbox full of notifications of 5 – 10 new CUSTOMERS waiting to receive your product and excited about the possibility it holds for them.

Or tan inbox full of notifications of 5 – 10 new DISTRIBUTORS ready to get signed up (or possibly already signed up while you slept), waiting to be led in your new exciting venture.

Just about every other type of business in the world is now using proven network marketing strategies, passive online marketing & advertising methods in ADDITION to prospecting and referral based methods.

So why NOT your network marketing or direct sales business?

There is a proven way to build online and you can learn more about it here via my bootcamp.

Just like anything else in business, this will take work and study.

But ultimately, enhancing your skill set by moving you into the 21st century. Are you ready for this journey?


Look forward to working with you. 🙂


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